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Mystery of Candi Penataran

Did it ever cross your minds, that Nusantara (read : Indonesia) was a superior civilization in the past time?? It clearly was when Europe was still in its dark ages, apparently the ancestors of Nusantara had managed to build masterpieces as you can see in Candi Borobudur, Candi Prambanan, and of course Candi Penataran. It is truly a masterpiece of intricate beauty of art, and the level of difficulty of making. Who can show that there are other else civilizations which could build such a beautiful building with amazing art details like them on that century? Moreover, the Nusantara archipelagos are the most fertile land on Earth, thanks to its profusion of volcanoes. There already was sophisticated agricultural system at that time. Who can deny that Nusantara had abundant mining product. Such masterpieces can only be produced by nations with advanced culture. A nation with advanced culture may have a superior military force.

Let’s take a look at the temple reliefs contained in this Candi Penataran area. This is the relief of battle between, well .. let’s say it, the Nusantara troops, and the other one was the troops who dressed like the Americans, similar to the tribes of the Aztec and Maya.

Do not believe it yet? All right. Now, let’s compare the “looks like Americans” on the reliefs, with the war clothes of the Aztecs and Mayas, who were natives from the American continent.

Is the resemblance just a coincidence? All right. Let’s look closely at the details of the reliefs. Please note the object marked with red circle.

Can you picture a resemblance from that sculpture? Yes. It looks like a cactus tree. Let’s compare the two pictures above. It’s similar, isn’t it? Now the question is, where was the original place for those cactus trees? Were there cactus trees in Nusantara at that time? The answer is no! Cactus trees existed only on the continent of America!

Still arguing that it was merely a coincidence? Let’s look again at the photos below!

See the Candi Penataran’s relief showing creepy face with tongue stuck out! Bandingkan dengan arca kepala dengan lidah menjulur yang ada di Tlaltechutli, Mexico City! Can’t you find any similarities there? And then see the photo of Balinese Rangda.

Still not convinced? Well, the pictures below will silence the more skeptics. Consider the three images below.

The first is the statues of Dwarapala (it means the giant guardian of the temple’s gates) situated in Candi Penataran. However, where “ the Dwarapala statue” is situated in the second photo? The answer lies in the Chichen Itza pyramid complex of Mayan relics , which is currently located in Yucatan peninsula, Central America. This photo shows remarkable resemblance isn't it?

The next proof is on the photos below.

The first photo is the “pyramid” in Candi Sukuh. The temple is located in the village of Karanganyar, district of Surakarta, Central Java. The other one shows the Aztec pyramid found in Tenochtitlan, Mexico. This emphasizes a remarkable connection between these two civilizations.

In addition, there are many others reliefs on Candi Penataran depicting the people who “allegedly” came from the other nation’s civilizations.

Well, the conclusion, Can it be true that the ancestors of Nusantara had been dealing with the Nations of the World? Was it the Nusantara’s ancestors who went over there, or the American people who visited Nusantara? Actually, there is no record in the History saying that Americans have a strong tradition overseas. Conversely, Nusantara’s ancestors were great sailors. As it can be heard in Nusantara traditional songs, “Nenek moyangku orang pelaut, gemar mengarung luas samudera .. "